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Put your brand out there and be seen by your potential target market with a website built specifically for your business needs. We create great looking websites using your own content and preferences in design. We then provide you with custom business email accounts so you can communicate with a professional image.

Website Design

Custom Email Accounts

Maintenance & Security

Regular Back-ups

How Do Websites Work?

The starting point of your website is your domain name, this is the address used to navigate to your website in your browser. For example, Google has a domain name of "". If you have a registered company we will attempt to register the same domain name as your company name, this is normally not a problem but it cannot be guaranteed. When your domain name is secured and your website has been completed we upload your website to the server so it will be visible to the general public when they navigate to your address.

How Do Email Accounts Work?

Your email accounts are linked to your domain name and run through the same platform/hosting provider. As an example, if your domain name is "" your email addresses will all end with "". You can put any word you want in front, for example you can have "" or "" or "". Your custom business email accounts can be setup to run on multiple devices including your PC and your phone.

What do I Need To Provide?

We take care of the creative side of building your website, we ensure your website has all the functionality you need. We also work with your corporate identity manual if you have one available. What we need from you is the content to put on the website, the information on all your products and services. If you have images relating to your business we use those as well. We build your website with your preferences in mind and your content is the hero of our design. We show you a draft of your website for final approval before it is uploaded to the live server. 

How Do The Fees Work?

We break the fees of owning a website down into two parts. There are the once off costs and then there are the monthly costs. The once off costs refer to the creation and development of your website, using your content to create a beautiful website with all the functionality you need and then uploading it to the live server. The monthly costs refer to the fees of hosting your website. This is a fee that originates from the hosting provider, it is like renting the space on the server that your website is installed on.

Advertising For My Website?

Owning a website can also been seen in two parts on a different front, There is the website creation and hosting on the one hand, then there is exposing your website to as many browsers as possible, this is normally done through advertising. Just because you now have a website doesn't really mean it will bring you a lot of business, people have to see it for it to bring you business.